Lacey began her journey into Tribal Belly dance at the early age of 15 in southern California with Patricia Johnson. Her love for this beautiful art form was immediate; she began performing at tribal events and around campfires at SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events almost instantly. The thrill of live drums and dancing with her sisters was inspiring. She took this love for the dance all the way through high school and pursued a dance degree at Victor Valley Community College. She studied many forms of classical dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Ballroom. However, as fate would have it Lacey sustained an injury that would prevent her from ever pursuing a career in classical dance. To her surprise though, because Belly Dance is best danced barefoot her doctor approved and encouraged her to continue Belly dancing.

Lacey then traveled cross country from California to Central Florida where she was exposed to the large community of Cabaret Belly dancers in Florida. Lacey then spent the next four years studying, teaching, and performing classical Cabaret Belly dance in Florida as well as in Southern California. It was in her last trip to California where her original love for Tribal Belly dance was re-ignited. Lacey then made the decision that she wanted to bring her experience and love of Tribal Belly dance to Florida. So she began Florida Tribal Dance in November of 2006 for just that reason.

Lacey is the director of Florida Tribal Dance Troupes: Black V, offering professional Tribal Fusion performances, Blue Caravan, a troupe specializing in improvisational Tribal Style, and Silver Sage Tribal Florida Tribal Dance's student troupe. Lacey and Florida Tribal Dance also hosts two big events each year: " An Evening of Tribal" every Spring/Summer and " A Tribal Garden" our annual Gala every November celebrating the students, troupes, and extended family of Florida Tribal Dance.

In addition to teaching weekly classes Lacey is also available for instructional workshops. She prides herself on her upbeat personality that puts students in a fun place to learn and her meticulous breakdown of movements so whether you are a first time dancer or a seasoned professional you will find Lacey's teaching easy to comprehend and useful in any dancer' s progression.

Lacey also holds a beginning certification in the YogaFit Method.
Lacey has completed the General Skills Certification by Fat Chance Bellydance in June 2009.
Lacey completed the requirements for 8 elements Initiation by Rachel Brice in April 2012.

Laura Barsalou

In the spring of 2000, Laura wanted to find a fun and interesting new exercise program and fell in love with the feminine grace and sensuality that bellydance embodied. But it wasn’t until early 2004 that she had the opportunity to take the plunge with formal classes,
when she started studying Egyptian Cabaret at a local bellydance studio. Soon, she was invited to join her instructor’s classical troupe, gaining her first performance experience through student showcases and community events.

Laura’s interest in tribal bellydance was sparked by viewing a video of Rachel Brice in 2005, and it was then that she became captivated by the serpentine, isolated dance form.

Laura began studying tribal fusion with Lacey Sanchez at Florida Tribal Dance in 2006. Finding her home in the exclusive tribal dance school, she became a founding member of Black V Tribal, performing at the Downtown Arts & Living Festival, Café Tu Tu Tangos, TribalCon, MegaCon and at other local events and venues.

Taking her interest in dance to a deeper level, Laura became one of the first graduating members of the Florida Tribal Dance teaching format, enabling her to share her love for the dance in the classroom. Bringing her slinky and saucy expression to tribal fusion technique, Laura is excited to offer classes at Florida Tribal Dance’s new studio location in 2011.

Laura’s recent interests include becoming a new member of Blue Caravan, the professional improv group of Florida Tribal Dance, furthering her study of improv tribal style. She is also developing signature workshops for performance makeup for bellydance, with hands-on, easily accessible techniques for all levels. Currently, Laura writes the beauty and glamour column in Yallah Magazine, as well as writing cover features and a broad range of topics as a senior writer. Laura can be seen regularly performing as a soloist at her favorite venue, Café Tu Tu Tango.


Mary Chrisman

Mary Crisman has been Belly dancing for over 9 years, Mary was a founding member of both the Black V and Blue Caravan troupes at Florida Tribal Dance. After spending over two years focusing on the ATS improv format she fell in love with Unmata style improv and was invited to Unmata's home studio in Sacramento, California, to take the teacher training intensive. Now a certified Unmata ITS instructor, Mary is psyched about bringing Unmata swagger to Central Florida!

Mary is also 1/2 of the YipPodcast duo!



Debi, AKA Manea

Debi, AKA Manea, has been Polynesian dancing for more than 15 years in shows throughout Florida. She lived and studied Hula and Tahitian dancing on the island of Oahu, in Kahaluu, Hawaii, followed by time spent in  Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, where she studied Traditional Maori Poi dance. She was the lead dancer and choreographer for many well-known Polynesian groups in South Florida including Sounds of Polynesia and Chief Fala & The Islanders. Manea has performed in many venues, including The Eden Roc Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, The Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach, Wong Kai Restaurant inside the Omni International Hotel in Miami and Tahitian Village in Key Largo.

Manea dances and teaches Polynesian-style dance to include Hula, Tahitian, and Poi. She has a passion for dance and joined the Florida Tribal Dance family to study tribal
bellydance and poi.


Jen has been belly dancing for nearly twelve years, focusing on American Tribal Style â belly dance since 2003. Beginning in 2005, graduate school led Jen on a journey to one of the largest belly dance hubs in the United States, San Francisco, California. Being drawn to the communal and improvisational nature of the dance, as well as the counter-culture aesthetic that challenges traditional notions of femininity, Jen began concentrating her belly dance studies exclusively on ATSâ. During this time, she began taking classes several times a week at the mothership, FatChanceBellyDanceâ, under the creator of American Tribal Styleâ belly dance, Carolena Nericcio (as well as a handful of exquisitely fabulous and talented FCBDâ teachers). After four years of dancing at the FatChance studio, she was invited to join Blue Diamonds Belly Dance, FCBD’sâ esteemed student troupe. Jen is thrilled about sharing her knowledge of ATSâ with central Florida!




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