Events in 2014

Tribal Garden Gala and Workshops with Moria Chappell, April 4,5 and 6th. 

This year's Tribal Garden Gala is excited to be hosting Moria Chappell of the Bellydance Superstars! Moria was our very first visiting instructor 7 years ago and we are very happy to have her back! 

Our Tribal Garden Gala Showcase will be Friday, April 4th 2014!! Purchase tickets here

Workshops held April 5th and 6th at Florida Tribal Dance!

Get to know more about Moria Chappell and her style. watch?v=cJE_3cUepB4

To register online or register in the studio. 
http:// florida_tribal_dance.htm

Early Bird Special!!
All Workshops, 8 hours of instruction
$160 before March 1st, 2014
($180 after, $200 at door) 

"Odissi Temple Fusion Dance"
Saturday, April 5, 11:00am- 2:00pm
Individual Fee: $75
Level: All levels welcome

Odissi Temple Dance Fusion focuses on one of the oldest classical dance forms on Earth. Passed down from Guru to student for thousands of years, Moria has recently spent time in India intensively studying this art form and now offers its most fundamental combinations and exercises that can be fused with Tribal Fusion performances and practice. 

Learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, and mudras of this sacred devotional dance and see how they can be appl
ied to modern music and movement.

"Costume Cafe"
Saturday, April 5, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Individual Fee: $50

Level: All levels welcome 

Costume Café offers unique and innovative approaches to costume design. For the stage, the process of becoming a character, entering another realm, and understanding the rules and function of this realm can be intimidating. In this very candid and open forum, Moria shares with each dancer the basics of costume design, fit, and function. Color-combining, textures, fixtures, durability, and
body types are all a 
prime focus. Spanning the darkest to the brightest, these techniques can be applied to any fusion motif. 

Sunday, April 6, 11:00am - 2:00pm 
Individual Fee: $75
Level: All levels welcome 

Serpentine is a study in the sultry and strong movements that comprise slow tribal dancing. In this portion of instruction, dancers will learn the flexibility and strength required to make slow, fluid movements that drip from combination to combination. Bellyrolls, halfsided belly isolations, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage. 

Liquid arms and body flow, facial and hand expression, as well as maintaining a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized. Dancers will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and strength required for slow techniques. They will visualize receiving movement through one part of their body while keeping the audience's attention as they send it out to create expression from their face through their fingertips. 



"A Different Belly Dance Experience"

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