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Florida Tribal Dance Invites You

Come learn Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance with Florida Tribal Dance! All dancers are welcome regardless of body type, shape, size or dance background. All you need is your free spirit and a desire to learn. Come and share in the camaraderie and strength that is Tribal Style belly dance! We would love to see you in a class or join us at any one of our community events!

Tribal Style Belly Dance was started about 20 years ago on the West Coast. It is a specific style of belly dance comprised of many distinct elements. One of the most apparent distinctions is the elaborate costume which often consists of layers of fabric, decorated turbans, and heavy, ethnic jewelry. Tribal Style performance consists of a chorus or circle of dancers providing a backdrop for solos, duets, and trios. Performances are seldom choreographed but rather cued from a vocabulary of movement by a designated lead dancer. This encourages a spirit of team work, awareness and cooperation.

Tribal Fusion stretches the boundaries of Tribal Style Belly
Dance by elongating and stretching out the fundamental techniques.
It also mixes the foundational movements with stylistic influences of Hip Hop, Spanish Flamenco, Trance, Underground Club Dancing and more to create a truely unique and challenging style all to itself.

Black V, Lacey Sanchez and Blue Caravan Performing at the Bellydance Super Star show: Club Bellydance

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